On Screen with Slope!

I’m already active in Cornell’s Slope Media as a copy-editor for the magazine department (and I’ll have a print article coming out in our Fall 2012 publication!) but this is my latest endeavor with Slope. A friend of mine directs and produces a weekly news show and she asked if I would like to be one of the anchors! Here’s the first Slope Media News show of the semester. The news is outdated at this point but I can’t wait to film future shows!


Appearance on CNN

Appearance on CNN

Finally I found a video from when I was on CNN in spring of my Senior year. My mother & I talked about financial aid & the college application process. We reappeared on CNN again in April, after I decided I would be attending Cornell. Skip to 6:30 to see the segment on my story.

Sneak Peak:

Aired March 29th, 2011