Social Media Savvy: The 2012 Election

Social Media Savvy: The 2012 Election

Here’s an interesting New York Times article I stumbled upon last night. ’08 marked the beginning of social media campaign integration with both candidates on Facebook and Twitter, but this time around, they’ve even made Tumblr profiles and Pinterest pages! 

This just really reiterates how effective social media is for marketing. I’d add more thoughts but I’m in a crunch for time today–lots of last minute errands before I head back to Ithaca. Fall break was just too short!

I’ll be sure to follow the leading ladies’ Pinterest pages now for some tasty new recipes!


Finally a Free Momemt

Well, that’s technically not true because I have around 6 hours’ reading to get through by Friday, but for Cornell standards–that’s enough time for me to update my blog!

So a lot has been happening lately. It’s probably best to backtrack. Today was the 11th anniversary of 9/11/01. Wow has time flown. It’s crazy to think how one day–just a few hours of that day–can change the course of a lifetime forever. Of so many lifetimes forever. Of an entire country forever. 9/11 was a rough day for my family, as I’m sure it was for many others out there. May everyone who passed away on that horrible day rest in peace and may their family members be blessed with better days. Hopefully the past 10 years have been much kinder on them. It’s true when they say “Gone but never forgotten.” That line is so applicable to that day in so many ways for me.

But I don’t want to be somber, so I think I’ll counter the sadness of the day’s past with some good news! I went to my first Career Fair today. It was a lot like a College Fair, only everyone was dressed to the nines in suits and blazers ( real business attire). Most attendees were seniors looking for full time jobs, so I guess I was ahead of the game going for internships. A lot of companies even told me that they’re only hiring Juniors or Seniors, but to come back next year which I most certainly will. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with an old TriDelt sister who now stands on the other side of the booth at the career fair. I feel like naming companies will jinx me in some way, so I’ll remain vague. Overall, it was a great experience. Over 200 companies were represented and I can’t wait to return next year. I even went to an information session for one of the companies later on this evening. It’s an interactive marketing and consulting agency, which is something new I hadn’t thought of. My uncle is in consulting, so I’ll have to ask him a bit more about what it entails but to the best of my knowledge, it seems great. A major reason why I love marketing, advertising and PR is because the industries are so versatile. These jobs aren’t the type that are redundantly day in, day out, same conundrum stuff–so I’m excited to enter the “Real World” for this reason. That being said, A LOT of time still stands between me and graduation! To emphasize..

-I’ve been looking into study abroad programs. I went to an information session for that as well and there’s a very cool exchange program that my college within Cornell offers (CALS). Essentially, whether I study in Milan or Geniva or Santiago or Beijing, an international student will come to Cornell, hence the exchange. At present, I’m looking into Italy the most. I’d love to get in touch with my roots and pick up the language again. There’s great business programs in Rome and Milan that CALS teams up with, so I’ll have to spend more time learning about those options.

-Speaking of study abroad, that reminds me–I signed my first lease last week! It was a stressful experience, but next year I’ll be living with my 8 best friends in a quaint home just off campus in the heart of Collegetown. It was crazy going through the lease line by line with our landlord. The other girls were getting anxious to sign before all the “good houses were taken,” which is valid, to some extent. But I was the one who read all the lines we had an issue with and even got her to budge on a few clauses which she said she never does. Perhaps I should go to law school…haha, I could never.

-I got accepted into a research lab! It’s with Professor Poppy McLeod and deals with group and organizational communication. We are currently running two main studies (with several sub studies in either entity). I can’t delve into the specifics, but one involves Greek Life on campus and group bias, while the other is a focus on virtual worlds, specifically Second Life. I was unfamiliar with Second Life before starting research, but after having a tutorial and reading a lot of prior research, I’ve come to equate it to a Sims type computer program. We are looking into how people interact differently in a virtual world as opposed to an online discussion board/blog, or in face-to-face interactions. Specifically, we want to know how personality has affected these differences, and which types of personalities gravitate towards SL and for what reasons? Questions like these are preliminary; the research for this segment of the project is in it’s early stages and I’m just getting acclimated to the lab now. So far I’ve done a lot of lit reviews and categorizing articles, but I can’t wait to continue on and learn a lot from my experience. I’m the youngest in the lab, so I’m thankful I got the position. As for the Greek study, my sorority is one of the ones we’ll be researching, so it’ll be fun to help the team conduct surveys at my dinner table.

-I’m taking my first class in the Hotel School. As much as I love marketing, the Hotel School at Cornell is like it’s own little bubble that I’m quite envious of. They dress up. They know how to cook. They hold the infamous “Wines” class. They’re all friendly, all the time. It’s no wonder why at a school where 30% of the University participates in Greek Life, 70% of that 30 are “Hotelies.” The Hotel School even has it’s own prom for seniors. In a way it’s a lot like a dressed up/business high school, and people often refer to it as “Statler High.” (Statler is the name of the Hotel) Well, anyway, the class I’m enrolled in is called Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series and basically, as long as I dress up every Friday (business attire, basically interview attire and classier) and attend class, I get the credit. I didn’t just sign up for the class to get 1 easy Pass/Fail credit, though. I decided it’d be interesting to hear from leaders in the hospitality industry, and so far, I am right. Last week’s speakers were involved in sustainable development in Costa Rican hotels. They spoke about the pros of going green and the cons of facing financial trouble with their decision. Regardless, the course seems like it’ll be great- we have an array of speakers coming from leaders in the casino/gaming industry to the Director of Marketing for the NBA and a whole lot in-between. I’ll stay tuned on that note, of course.

Well at this point it seems as if my “quick update” has turned into a novel. I’ll end it short and sweet..

Until next time,


Back to School!

Just arrived in ready to start another semester at Cornell! I can’t believe it’s the second year already..time is flying.

Here’s some great new updates to look out for this semester:

-I’m now blogging for Lori Zaslow and her company, Project Soulmate. We’re still figuring out the logistics of how to post on the site. I’ve written a few blogs so far so I’ll be sure to post them on here when they’re published! Be on the look out for “5 Things Guys Wish Women Knew,” as my first post!

-I’m taking Marketing (finally). It’s one of Cornell’s Applied Economics & Management courses (in other words, our business program through Dyson). AEM/Dyson was ranked the 3rd best business school in America, so I’m excited about that. And about a Media Comm class I’ll be taking. And Public Speaking, and Research Methods and ok, pretty much all of my classes. Lots to blog about!

-I’m living in Tri Delta’s sorority house. My family & my roommate’s family just spent the entire evening painting our room. I’d equate the color to a Tiffany Box blue. Cute right? Seems like the other girls agree–4 rooms are in the process of being painted that color (or eerily similar shades) and 2 other rooms are already blue. Either a funny coincidence, or a subliminal support of Tri Delta blue..perhaps a bit of both.

Well, that’s it for now..I’ll be blogging again soon of course!


Thoughts on “The Third Screen – What is it and how to use to your marketing advantage?”

Clever terminology for the cell phone, and appropriately so. In fact, I read this on my iPhone’s wordpress app and am now replying from my 3rd screen as well on the drive up to school!

Make sure to turn on any mobile optimization options your website may have because you’d be surprised by how many users stem from the smart phone world! (For Laffey Fine Homes I believe 35% of hits last week were from mobile devices)

Great read!

Bennett About Marketing

Its original name was “the cell phone”.  Today it’s referred to as “the third screen” and its changing the delivery of marketing and sales messages and that is great news for us marketers.

That “third screen” (#1 is your TV screen and #2 is your computer screen) will reach your consumer anytime and anywhere and it’s in the briefcases and pockets of your customers right now.

I recently attended the largest and most prestigious book industry event in the country, BookExpo America and new this year was a partner trade show called BlogWorld.  If ever two worlds were colliding it is print and online – in this case they were embracing the differences and coming up with 1 + 1 = 3.

Thousands of authors, publishers and publicists mingled with bloggers (are you aware there are more than 75 million blogging sites?), podcasters, social media, new media and…

View original post 105 more words

Building Clientele and a Following

In terms of Social Media, it’s great to have posts on Facebook and Twitter that are simply fun and informative, without the ulterior motive of selling your product to a fan or follower. For Laffey Fine Homes I often put links to great restaurants on Long Island, fun things to do for the weekend (whether it be a concert or a place to bring the kids) and unique elements of the home like this one waterfall shower I found. I think my favorite topic of all is Fantasy Fridays, a theme I came up with, where I post gorgeous images of assorted travel destinations around the world.

But while all this is great and will start building up a stream of followers, sometimes, it IS important to market your product or idea…but tastefully. So, while on Sundays when I do often post a couple of our open houses, I try to keep things interesting during the rest of the week when posting one of Laffey’s listings. I’ll put a picture of the country-style kitchen or the pond in the backyard, an aerial shot of the property or a photo that accentuates the architectural elements of the home…anything that’ll catch a viewer’s eye. Photos are most important to include in all posts, because if someone’s attention is caught infinitesimally thanks to a great picture, then they’ll be more inclined to reading the post.

Fantasy Fridays: Bora Bora. This was one of our most famous posts on Laffey’s Facebook Fan Page. A picture really does speak volumes!

The easiest way to market your products is via another name with a bigger social media presence. Laffey Fine Homes has a property that was once the home of former NY Met, Carlos Beltran. I tweeted at AOL Real Estate–an account with over 1,000 followers–and they responded. My tweet was casual..something along the lines of “We love your listings! Check out one of our favorites,” with a link attached. Hopefully if they feature the listing on their Twitter, we’ll gain more followers with their help.

Waterfall Style Shower: another popular post for Laffey Fine Homes. A simple image speaks more than my words could to describe this cool feature.

Now, onto my assignment for Collective Media Group today. The goal is building clientele, rather than followers and in a city as grandiose as Manhattan, there’s two great ways of doing so:

1) Take advantage of Networking. At the office you can network with people in the elevator..those companies a floor above or below you–maybe even the other ones that share your floor–can make for a great client, and a conveniently close one at that.

2) Utilize the Web. Obviously both of these points apply to building clients in any part of the country or world, but NYC is great because a lot of the small, start-up businesses find it difficult to make a name for themselves in such a big city, so they look the the internet for help.

I’ll be utilizing the web today as I weave through Gilt City and GroupOn looking for the companies with the best deals. Then, I check out their website and Facebook Fan Page to see how active they are in Social Media and find contact information so my bosses can reach out to them personally. The worst thing that can happen is a rejection, but my philosophy is that being rejected is better than not being rejected or accepted. In other words, trying always surpasses inactivity–especially in this world.

Well, I better get to work. That’s it for now! Please feel free to like this post or follow me if you enjoy my blog..I follow back!




For your reference:

Laffey Fine Homes Facebook Page:

Collective Media Facebook Page:

Pinterest: beyond the pretty pictures

The fastest growing social media site on the web today has proven itself as a dual procrastination-favorite-browsing site and a marketer’s heaven. At first glance, Pinterest seems like a site full of gorgeous beach pictures, precious little puppies and the occasional Pottery Barn-esque room decor.

But in all actuality, Pinterest is a billion dollar company that’s blowing up the the internet faster than much of its competition. Youtube, Reddit and Google + yield lower percentages of referral traffic and Twitter holds just .01% over Pinterest, proving this young site’s potential.

More than just those cute puppies (they ARE really cute though..) Pinterest is great for retailers looking for product exposure.  Its addictive nature leads users to discovering DIY tips, “Dream Homes” that are actually on the market with local realtors, and great recipes for all kinds of foods.

Even the 2012 Presidential Election isn’t untouched by Pinterest. Leading candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s wives have gotten in on the action, both creating pages earlier this year.

The site’s traffic is primarily driven by women by a long run, though this statistic shouldn’t deter marketers. Rather, I see it as the perfect opportunity for specific targeting. If we know the ladies are watching, products should be geared to the feminine mind. Rather than Armani posting its latest men’s suit to their typical male client, the product should be catered to a shopping wife or girlfriend..perhaps looking for a birthday gift for her significant other. Knowing how to take advantage of Pinterest’s statistics helps leverage a company’s influence on the site tremendously.

I am on Pinterest 24/7 for Laffey Fine Homes, the Long Island luxury real estate company I work for. I can attest to the “Dream Homes” being real listings aspect of the site, as it’s a truly great way to drive viewers–and potential buyers–to I post pictures of the pools and kitchens, the spiral staircases and luscious green backyards, all with a click-through link back to the listing’s page. Granted, many of our viewers hail from all over the it would be a cool addition if Pinterest marketers could target specific geographic regions, much like Facebook Fan Pages can.

Another Pinterest tip I learned from a webinar I stumbled upon thanks to a LinkedIn group I joined may come as a no-brainer; write captions.

It’s true…time and time again we’re told to take advantage of the 500 character limit when creating pins. Pinterest makes it mandatory to insert a comment along with every pin, but most people cheat the system and write a measly period as a placeholder. If you just take an extra 15 seconds to your posts you’ll wind up using the site to it’s full potential. Like Twitter, Pinterest lets you include popular hashtags which help pinners who aren’t following your boards to discover your content.

Mark should’ve bought this one! Instagram is cool, but certainly doesn’t have the marketing capabilities that Pinterest does.

Anyway, I originally intended for this post to be terse (an impossibility for my loquacious mind). I do wish to include a helpful info graphic that I stumbled upon once. Ironically enough, I think I found it on Pinterest. If you’d like a larger copy I’ll be glad to email one:



Hello world!

Enjoy this blog as the site of a compilation of my writing samples. I’ll post several blogs, writing samples and other PR related creations of mine. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find: writings for my current internship with Collective Media Group, a Social Media Marketing firm in Midtown Manhattan; essays from my courses at Cornell University; and links/images/infographics!

Remember you can contact me at any time with questions or feel free to comment below!