Coffee Connections: Funny Social Media Graphic

I found this chart the other day (thanks Pinterest!) and figured it’d be funny to share.



Which day of the week do you Tweet the most?

Just stumbled upon this site that tallies up all your Tweets & categorizes them by date. I guess I tweet the most on Wednesdays? For some reason, when it’s broken down like this it makes me realize just how addicted I am to Twitter. #KeepCalmAndHashtagOn!


Forgot to post these pictures the other day. The event was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came & especially to those who donated to the National MS Society 🙂Image

The Collective Media team!



We had a quick break to pose for a picture at the door with our new bouncer friend Jose. Checking guests in was a blast!

Plus, we got to see how many people really showed up (and there were a LOT of people)!

Know Your SEO!

I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to break down the basics of Search Engine Optimization. In this clever info graphic, SEO is portrayed much like a human body and the anatomy of what SEO’s all about can be easily compared to several body parts. Hope this helps!

Note: “Muscles” and “Blood” are not complete. I can’t find the graphic in it’s original form, so think of this as a coding malfunction!