Coffee Connections: Funny Social Media Graphic

I found this chart the other day (thanks Pinterest!) and figured it’d be funny to share.




Forgot to post these pictures the other day. The event was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came & especially to those who donated to the National MS Society 🙂Image

The Collective Media team!



We had a quick break to pose for a picture at the door with our new bouncer friend Jose. Checking guests in was a blast!

Plus, we got to see how many people really showed up (and there were a LOT of people)!

Know Your SEO!

I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to break down the basics of Search Engine Optimization. In this clever info graphic, SEO is portrayed much like a human body and the anatomy of what SEO’s all about can be easily compared to several body parts. Hope this helps!

Note: “Muscles” and “Blood” are not complete. I can’t find the graphic in it’s original form, so think of this as a coding malfunction!