Behind the Blogger

A native to New York, though a newbie to Astoria, Olivia uses this blog as a source for her growing portfolio. She studied Communication at Cornell University graduating with a Bachelor of Science. While there, she focused her degree on Media Studies and Social Persuasion/Influence, as well as an outside concentration in Brand Management through Cornell’s Hotel School. Olivia also thinks it’s quite awkward to talk about herself in the third person.

At Cornell, Olivia was a proud sister of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Alpha Beta chapter and involved in several student run organizations on campus including Slope Media Magazine and the Association for Women in Communication, where she grew from clueless freshman member to senior club co-president. She worked an on-campus job as an administrative assistant for the Cornell Career Services and was also part of the inception of a new club on campus, Cornell Current. She conducted persuasive research as part of a lab, and even had the chance to publish some work. Olivia also studied abroad as a junior at an international business school in Spain called ESADE, and ever since then, she has had a strong inclination to spend all her money on traveling. Safe to say that since then, she kind of has. It’s been over 30 countries, with 5 new ones in 2015 alone, but it’s not a numbers game. Each country has it’s own charm, it’s own people, it’s own stories, landscapes and magic to discover. But, if we’re being honest, it does always give her a rush to scratch off a new country on her world map.

Olivia started this blog as a sophomore at Cornell, dropped the ball half-way through college when blogging for another class, and decided now, in her first year post-grad, to rekindle the platform as a great destination for all branding, marketing and advertising news she has the urge to write about!

To find out more about Olivia’s past or ask her about her future, just send her an email! Or you can always stalk her on LinkedIn – your choice 🙂


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